Virtual Firewall Service

Network firewalls help K-12 schools ensure their students are securely accessing the internet

In Alberta, most schools host and manage their own firewall equipment, which drains valuable time and resources. The Virtual Firewall Service is a pilot project that aims to remove the extra workload from individual schools by placing a virtual firewall upstream at Cybera’s network gateway. This scalable software solution is capable of supporting multiple K-12 schools, doing away with the need for them to host their own local equipment.


Potential Benefits of the Virtual Firewall Service:

  • Secure and scalable: The infrastructure hosting the virtual firewall software is housed on Alberta’s Rapid Access Cloud.

  • Reduced infrastructure and overhead costs: Schools do not have to buy and host their own physical firewall appliances.

  • Increased opportunities to explore cutting-edge networking technologies: This includes software defined networking and network function virtualization.


How to get involved?

For more details, please see our FAQ page and/or contact Cybera's Network Director Jean-François Amiot.