Learning Management Cloud

Many Alberta post-secondary institutions use the Moodle learning management systems to organize their online student resources. 

This system allows students to coordinate and track their schedules, interact with their instructors and see their final marks.

It requires a large commitment of computing resources in each institution to meet demand at peak times. Cybera’s Learning Management Cloud makes this system available in one cloud-based location.

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Learning management explained

A learning management system is an online tool that helps students organize and track their schedules, interact with teachers, and see their final grades.

What does the Learning Management Cloud provide?

  • A single, shareable resource for learning management hardware, software and technical maintenance
  • Reduced costs resulting from less investment in institutional servers and IT staff
  • Faster performance for students at peak times
  • A stable, flexible learning management system that can grow with the institution

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For more information on how the Learning Management Cloud is operated and governed, visit the University of Alberta's background page.