Networking Hardware – Juniper Networks

Cybera has a 3-year contract with Juniper Networks to supply and deliver an array of networking hardware. This contract is open to all ShareIT members.

In April 2017, Cybera signed a master agreement with Juniper Networks (Juniper) for an initial term of 3 years. This agreement provides an open catalogue of networking hardware for campuses ranging in size from large enterprise cores, to small branch offices.

The catalogue includes the following categories:

  • Data Centre Core Switching
  • Data Centre Access Switching
  • Routing
  • Campus Access Networking

About Juniper Networks (Juniper)

Juniper offers remote, automated troubleshooting to quickly identify and resolve problems, as well as automated EOL/EOS analysis through two unique applications: Service Now and Service Insight. Through Juniper’s robust value-added services and options, a PSI may experience a significant reduction in total cost of ownership. The production-proven abilities of its QFX, EX, SRX, and MX Series will meet and exceed architecture, performance and functionality expectations.

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