Executive Team

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    Robin Winsor

    President and CEO

    Robin is a technology leader and entrepreneur who has led several organizations from start-up and growth to international success. He has worked in both the commercial and non-profit sectors, specializing at the crossroads where information technology is applied to sectors such as oil and gas and health.

  • barb2

    Barb Carra

    Vice President, Policy and Strategic Initiatives

    Barb Carra earned a PhD in Geography and Environmental Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University. She worked as a private consultant during her academic career, and brings her experience in multi- and interdisciplinary research, project management and data organization, with specific emphasis on environmental and wildlife management, to Cybera.

  • JohnShillington

    John Shillington

    Vice President, Technology

    Prior to his work at Cybera, John held senior executive and technical management positions at several international technology firms, and helped researchers at the University of Alberta start up a collaboration/groupware spin-off company. He holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the University of Alberta.

  • KarimTeja

    Karim Teja

    Chief Financial Officer

    Karim is an experienced financial and operational executive in the field of technology company management and has an extensive background in commercializing hardware and software technologies. He is a past winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


  • maylynn

    May Lynn Lee

    Program Manager

    May Lynn Lee holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce (Management Information Systems) and Communications (Electronic Publishing). Prior to working at Cybera, she worked internationally as a database programmer and as a production artist before finding her niche in project management.

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    David Chan

    Project Manager

    David Chan is a PhD graduate from the University of Calgary (Biochemistry). In his studies, he used high performance computing to investigate protein dynamics and interactions in atomic detail.

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    Byron Chu

    Project Manager

    Byron graduated from the University of Calgary with a PhD in Biochemistry. His studies in protein structure and dynamics were made possible by merging efforts that combine scientific endeavours with high-performance computing. In his spare time, Byron can be found playing ultimate frisbee or looking for rare birds.

Technical Operations

  • JF Amiot 1

    Jean-Francois Amiot

    Network and Operations Director

    Graduate from l’Université du Québec à Montréal and previously from Montreal, Jean-Francois, more commonly known as JF, has been calling Calgary home for the last 12 years. Throughout his IT career, he’s worked as a consultant, network expert and manager in diverse sectors.

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    Micheal Jones

    Systems Administrator

    Micheal, with his odd spelling, works on building, automating and administrating clouds at Cybera. He has years of data wrangling and systems administration experience from the film and television world, and spent several stints programming and administering web hosts, along with doing private consulting.

  • natasha2

    Natasha Kapty

    Systems Administrator (p/t)

    Natasha Kapty holds a degree in Computer Science and a degree in Sociology from the University of Calgary. She works part time at Cybera as a system administrator. Born and raised in Calgary, Natasha previously worked in the health and wellness industries and at the University of Calgary.

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    Samir Rana

    Senior Network Analyst

    Samir holds a degree in Electronics and Communication from Maharaja Sayajirao University, in India, and he is also Cisco certified. Before joining Cybera, he spent six years in the oil and gas industry as a Network Analyst, surviving the cold, dark winters of Fort McMurray.

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    Neil Stewart

    Systems Administrator

    Neil began his IT career 20 years ago, working at a small regional ISP at the tender age of 15. He has worked for large organizations in both the retail and communications sectors. Before joining Cybera, he was responsible for the system administration of a national chain of data centre assets. When Neil isn’t focused on tech, he is focused on food, either in his own kitchen or someone else’s.

  • Joe Topjian 1

    Joe Topjian

    Systems Architect

    Joe is a Systems Architect at Cybera, where he designs, operates, and automates computing infrastructure. He is active in several open source projects such as Puppet and OpenStack, and frequently presents and holds workshops on automation and Infrastructure as a Service.

  • Dmitry Vagin

    Dmitry Vagin

    Systems Administrator

    Dmitry Vagin, a computer science graduate from the University of Ukraine, has worked as a systems administrator for several years in Canada and the Ukraine. His work at Cybera includes user and video conferencing support, and he helps manage the internal servers.

  • zaffar

    Zafar Yousufi

    Network Analyst

    Zafar has a Master of Engineering in Internetworking from Dalhousie University and is Cisco, Microsoft and Java-certified. Before Cybera, he worked at AT&T as a senior network analyst, and was a circuit designer at Shaw. Zafar is interested in all aspects of technological advancements in IT, and tries to stay up to date on those topics.

Developer Operations

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    Barton Satchwill

    Development Manager

    Barton Satchwill has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Alberta. He has spent his career developing applications in the public, private, and scientific domains. Barton has built three cloud systems based on the very successful OpenStack cloud fabric.

  • slack

    David Ackerman

    Senior Developer

    David has a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science from the University of Alberta. He formerly led a team at Nexopia, the social networking site which was a household name before the arrival of Facebook. He brings experience with enterprise software, ruby on rails, EC2, and telecommuting to Silicon Valley. At Cybera he has led work to automate infrastructure deployments with tools like Chef on OpenStack.

  • preethi web

    Preethi Kumar

    Dev Op

    Preethi holds a Master of Science in Internetworking from the University of Alberta. Before moving to Canada, she completed a bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and worked as a senior software developer for iGATE, an IT firm in India. Her interests are cloud infrastructure automation and bringing software developer values, such as test driven development, into infrastructure development.

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    Cameron Mann


    Cameron graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science. He previously worked at Cybera as an intern before joining full-time upon graduation. Cameron was a nationally competitive fencer, though these days he keeps it up more for fun.

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    Andrew Klaus

    Dev Op

    Andrew has been an avid user of Unix for over 13 years. He is a NAIT graduate from the Computer Systems Technology program and continually tries to stay up to date in topics relating to Computer Science. During the summer months he enjoys motorcycle touring and tries to perfect his own craft beer recipes year round. 

Finance and Administration

  • caro

    Caroline Korchinski

    Manager, Finance & HR Administration

    Caroline Korchinski obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (Art, Photography, Music) from the University of Calgary. She started as a Desktop Publisher when Cybera (then WURCnet) was incorporated in 1993 (longest standing employee within Cybera!) and throughout the years transitioned into finance and human resources management.

  • Amyn Ramzan1

    Amyn Ramzan


    Amyn Ramzan holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Accounting. He worked for a pharmaceutical company as an Accounts Manager before moving to Canada.

Communications and Policy

  • meagan2

    Meagan Hampel

    Director of Communications

    A journalism graduate from Carleton University, Meagan has written for several Canadian magazines. She spent four years in London, UK, working as a science reporter. She has covered diverse industry topics ranging from government science policy and education, to high-tech developments happening in small start-ups and university research departments.

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    Iman Bukhari

    Communications Specialist

    Iman Bukhari holds a Journalism Diploma, a Bachelor’s in Communication Studies and is currently working towards her Masters in Multimedia Communications from the Academy of Art University. She is also a photography and videography enthusiast.

  • alyssa4

    Alyssa Moore

    Policy & Strategy Analyst

    An Ottawa native and Carleton University graduate with a degree in Political Science, Alyssa joined Cybera in 2014 and quickly discovered her niche in policy and strategic initiatives. Alyssa is passionate about socially responsible telecommunications and technology policy. On weekends you can find her camping in Alberta’s vast Rocky Mountain backcountry.