President and CEO — Robin Winsor

President and CEO — Robin Winsor

Robin Winsor is a technology leader and entrepreneur who has led several organizations from start-up and growth to international success. He has worked in both the commercial and non-profit sectors, specializing at the crossroads where information technology is applied to traditional sectors such as oil and gas and health. He is often sought as a speaker on the use of technology for the public good.

Before joining Cybera as President and CEO in 2010, Robin invented and developed the world’s first direct digital x-ray system. The company he formed around this, Imaging Dynamics, won the 2005 Cool Companies Award for being an innovative and exciting place to work. He is a past recipient of a Manning Innovation Award, the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and in 2012, received a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for outstanding service to Canada. He holds multiple patents and has authored standards that are still used in the medical, well-logging and seismic industries.

Robin Winsor Presentations

TEDxYYC 2018


Preparing for a future with Artificial Intelligence | Robin Winsor


OpenStack Summit May 2015


Cybera was the first user of OpenStack, outside of Rackspace and NASA. Watch Robin tell Cybera's story.


CRTC hearing December 2014

Cybera presents at the CRTC hearing about reviewing wholesale services.


Building 43

What is cyberinfrastructure? What exactly does Cybera do? Here, Robin breaks it all down.


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