Provides greater insights into network activity (without eating up precious time or budgets)

Miridor (meer·id·or) is an intrusion detection system that gives Cybera’s connected members a simple, but detailed, overview of potential indicators of compromise on their network, to improve their overall security posture.

How does it work?

  • Miridor “mirrors” the network traffic of participating members at Cybera’s core router locations.
  • The mirrored traffic is analyzed for known suspicious or malicious activity.
  • The identified suspicious activity is catalogued in a customized, web-based database that can be reviewed by the member.
  • No configuration or setup is required.

Benefits of Miridor for Cybera members

  • Gain insight into your traffic without needing to deploy extra equipment.
  • Receive an easy-to-consume summary of the malicious activity analysis.
  • Data is freely exportable for further investigations or reporting.
Miridor Explainer

Examples of “suspicious” activity Miridor looks for:

  • Malicious or malformed traffic.
  • Traffic attempting to exploit vulnerabilities.
  • Traffic from known botnets and other threat sources.

Cost to Join

Membership tier FTE/FLE Miridor
XS 1 - 999 $2,400 / yr
Small 1,000 - 1,999 $4,800 / yr
Medium 2,000 - 7,999 $7,200 / yr
Large 8,000 - 29,999 $8,400 / yr
XL 30,000 and above $9,600 / yr

Miridor and the national Cybersecurity Initiatives Program

Miridor was created to serve member organizations that are not eligible for the CANARIE-funded Cybersecurity Initiatives Program (CIP). The CIP, which includes an Intrusion Detection System, is geared towards post-secondary institutions connected to the National Research & Education Network.

Smaller post-secondary institutions (that are eligible for CIP) may still choose to implement both services.

How Miridor compares to the CIP intrusion detection system:

Cybera Miridor CANARIE-funded CIP
Only available to post-secondary institutions connected to the R&E Network
Cloud-based service (no user hardware)
Hardware based
No installation, configuration, or maintenance
Monitors ONLY Cybera network traffic
Accessible via web portal
Monitors both Cybera network and non-Cybera network traffic
Requires installation, configuration and maintenance

How To Join

  1. This service is available to Cybera members in Alberta's public sector who are connected to Cybera’s network (check if your organization is a Cybera member).
  2. It is geared towards smaller institutions (i.e. bandwidth traffic under 1.3 Gbps).
  3. Fill in the Expression of Interest form to get started.

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