New reports from Cybera give the low-down on Alberta’s networking capabilities

Where are all the fibre networks in Alberta? How many free WiFi spots do we have access to in the province? And how soon until we see internet delivered by drones? After a year of researching, Cybera has unveiled a comprehensive update to the networking chapter of its 2014 State of Alberta Digital Infrastructure Report.

The in-depth review looks at the critical changes in bandwidth capabilities and technologies in the province in recent years, including a look at the internet infrastructure and capabilities of rural, urban, and First Nations communities. A wiki version of the updated Networking chapter is also available to view online.

Cybera has also published its 2015-16 Annual Report, which looks at the organization’s accomplishments over the last fiscal year. These include collaborating with federal, provincial, and municipal agencies to bring new fibre access to schools and post-secondaries, and successfully advocating for federal policies to make fibre infrastructure available to more Canadians.

View the reports below:

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