ShareIT - Networking Hardware & Services

ShareIT has signed two agreements with Aruba and Cisco Systems for networking hardware and services. These agreements are available for all ShareIT Members, Cybera's provincial NREN partners and CANARIE to leverage.

The open catalogue offers hardware and support in the following major categories to accommodate the unique structure and diversity of the education and higher education sector:

  • Switching
  • Routing
  • Wireless
  • Data Centre Networking
  • Support and Management



In August 2022, Cybera signed a 3 (three) year agreement with Aruba to supply and deliver an array of networking hardware. This contract is open to all ShareIT members.

Available Services

This agreement provides an open catalogue of networking hardware for K-12 and higher education use.

This catalogue includes the following categories:

Core Networking:

  • Core Switching (Layer 2/3)
  • Core Routing (Layer 3)

Data Centre Networking:

  • LAN
  • SAN

Access Layer:

  • Access Layer Networking (Layer 2)

Wireless Networking:


Aruba operates as a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Aruba was founded in February 2002 and was acquired by HPE in March 2015. Aruba is a leading provider of next-generation networking solutions for enterprises of all sizes worldwide. Aruba was born in the era of mobile, internet of things, and cloud. We are commitment to building a secure, intelligent network from the data center to the edge with capabilities of delivering a best in class network solution for any customer regardless of size, business needs, or geographical location.

(ShareIT members only)



Cybera, on behalf of the ShareIT members has a contract in place with Cisco Systems for an open catalogue of networking hardware. The initial agreement term is for three (3) years from September 2022 to September 2025 with an option of a two (2) year renewal. This contract is open to all ShareIT members.


Cisco is partnering with education reimagine and redesign education to deliver a flexible, collaborative, and trusted experience for faculty, students, researchers, and administrators. University, college, or school. Large or small. Virtual, hybrid, or in-person. Enable resilience and flexibility for your institution’s unique needs as we enter an ever-changing future. At Cisco, we understand education. We are committed to ensuring the continuity and expansion of learning. With a breadth of portfolio and unmatched experience that span networking, security, cloud, and collaboration, only Cisco can deliver the complete education solution that securely connects administrators, faculty, and students –no matter where they are –so learning never stops.

(ShareIT members only)

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