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Alberta Rural Connectivity Forum

This March, Cybera will be teaming up with organizations in Alberta’s rural connectivity space to host the first annual Alberta Rural Connectivity Forum.

Running online from March 23-24, 2021, the Alberta Rural Connectivity Forum will gather broadband stakeholders from across Alberta to discuss internet access opportunities for residents, businesses, and public organizations.

Recognizing the central importance of broadband to the province’s future, and the lack of a unified response to this problem, the Alberta Rural Connectivity Forum will bring together partners in government, policy and advocacy to share experiences and workshop solutions.

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The Alberta Rural Connectivity Coalition advocates for universal access to high-speed internet at an affordable price for all Albertans, including those living in rural, remote, First Nations and Metis Settlements communities. The coalition is pushing for multiple levels of government to immediately take steps to provide funding — and other forms of regulatory relief — for telecommunications infrastructure in Alberta’s rural communities.