Putting Alberta's labour market data to work

SkillUp uses live job ad data to help Albertans match their experience and interests with the most sought-after roles, and learn what skills are most in-demand.

Built by Cybera, SkillUp gives Albertans a user-friendly way to identify the roles, credentials, and skill sets that are most requested by local employers. It also helps them find the right education pathways to obtain those needed skills.

Key functionalities of SkillUp

Occupations information

  • real-time insight into Alberta’s job market, including the most sought after jobs and commonly requested skills, capabilities, and certifications
  • can be filtered according to sector or location
  • uses information scraped from ~58,000 job ads in Alberta, per day
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Skills explorer

  • supports experienced Albertans looking to transition into another field or role
  • matches existing skills with alternate/contrasting careers
  • showcases the training path to obtain any missing skills
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Interests quiz

  • supports inexperienced Albertans to find occupations that suit their interests and personality
  • matches identified occupations with current Alberta labour ecosystem demand
  • provides personalized education suggestions to access the selected career(s)
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Working in Alberta

  • supports individuals looking to move to Alberta by outlining average salaries and employment opportunities within specific regions
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Public preview now open

Help us improve the platform! Members of the public are invited to access SkillUp and provide feedback to Cybera. Use the “Feedback” button in the bottom corner.

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