Shared services are used by Cybera’s members to adopt, build, and work together on IT tools and software. These initiatives, in turn, reduce costs and streamline the delivery of services.

Cybera initiatives

Alberta ShareIT Program

The Alberta ShareIT Program leverages economies of scope and scale to give members access to IT hardware, software, and service procurement. It also offers valuable knowledge transfer, skill-building, and cybersecurity opportunities.

AB SecureIT

Alberta’s 26 post-secondary institutions are collectively sharing information and strategies to enhance security and privacy.

National initiatives

Canadian Access Federation

Cybera works with its national partner, CANARIE, to develop and promote the Canadian Access Federation. Participating institutions are able to securely access a central catalogue of services and resources that operate within a trusted framework.

CANARIE- square


Education roaming (eduroam) is a secure, world-wide roaming internet access service. Students, researchers, and staff from participating post-secondary institutions can automatically achieve internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions.

Federated Identity Management

Federated Identity Management makes it possible for students and researchers to use their home institution’s login credentials to securely connect to more than 2,900 global services, resources, and scientific facilities.

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