Public preview of SkillUp to continue through 2024

By Meagan Hampel / Apr 30, 2024

Cybera is thrilled to announce that its SkillUp web platform — which helps Albertans match their skills and experience with the most sought-after jobs, and find opportunities to learn in-demand skills — will remain publicly available for the entirety of 2024. Thanks to funding support from the Ministry of Jobs, […]

A fond farewell and securing the future: Callysto transitions to a new phase

By Meagan Hampel / Mar 28, 2024

Cybera and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS), the creators of the online digital skills learning platform, Callysto, today announce that they are winding down their involvement in the project. Callysto will continue to operate as an open source tool, and its 125+ learning resources will remain available to […]

New platform will help fill Alberta’s skills gaps

By Meagan Hampel / Feb 26, 2024

A web platform that helps Albertans match their skills and experience with the most sought-after jobs — as well as find opportunities to learn in-demand skills — is now available for a limited-time public preview. SkillUp provides an incredibly detailed (and user-friendly) Alberta labour market overview and education referral tool.  Built by […]

ShareIT hits new group spend/saving milestone as it opens up to municipalities

By Admin / Dec 12, 2023

Alberta’s ShareIT public procurement program has hit a major new milestone in its group spend and savings. Since it was launched in 2017 by Cybera — in collaboration with Alberta’s post-secondary institutions — the program has marked over $100 million in cumulative member spending on IT hardware, licenses, and other […]

eduroam comes to the Calgary Airport

By Admin / Oct 31, 2023

The Calgary Airport Authority has announced its launch of eduroam, the secure, global Wi-Fi roaming service for students and researchers. Post-secondary students, researchers, and faculty passing through the Calgary International Airport (YYC) now have access to the trusted and secure internet service. This represents the first airport in Alberta (and […]

Data science interns take a “trip” to Vertical City

By Zach Morrison / Oct 24, 2023

With exaggerated hand gestures, data science intern Aldebaran Saldaña comedically ushers me in and out of a life-size “elevator simulator” — a small, curtained-off rectangle with a monitor mounted in the top right corner. “I feel like a border security officer,” he says. “Passports, please!” Rishabh Shukla, another intern, shares […]

The trials, tribulations, and triumphs of a k-12 school network analyst

By Zach Morrison / Oct 10, 2023

Chris Sluggett leads the talented and highly commended Technology Services team at Wolf Creek Public Schools, a school district covering rural communities north of Red Deer. The breadth of responsibility for his team — from enabling online learning, to protecting student privacy, to keeping the lights on — can be […]

Step five of building cybersecurity: Implementing the CIA triad to combat risks

By Brad White / Sep 27, 2023

Part 7 of Cybera’s Introduction to Cybersecurity series Confidentiality, integrity and availability — also known as the CIA or AIC triad — is a model designed to guide policies and actions to build information security within an organization. Confidentiality The National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) defines confidentiality as:  […]

Step Four of building cybersecurity: Identifying your risks

By Brad White / Sep 20, 2023

Part 6 of Cybera’s Introduction to Cybersecurity series What are some of the top cybersecurity challenges? Cybersecurity is continually challenged by hackers, data loss, privacy demands, and increased surface attack risks, coupled with the need to constantly evolve security strategies. These strategies must address these external threats, as well as […]

Step three of building cybersecurity: Threats vs Attacks

By Brad White / Sep 13, 2023

Part 5 of Cybera’s Introduction to Cybersecurity series In our previous post, we defined “attacks” and “threats”, and provided a comprehensive list of the different threats modern organizations typically face. In this post, we’ll focus on attacks. What is an attack? While threats are not always intentional (e.g. natural disasters), […]

Step two of building cybersecurity: What threats do you face?

By Brad White / Sep 6, 2023

Part 4 of Cybera’s Introduction to Cybersecurity series Once you have developed a full inventory of your operational environment (as outlined in our previous post), the next step is to try and uncover the intentional and unintentional dangers they face. From a security standpoint, threats and attacks are two separate […]

Step one of building cybersecurity: What do you Know?

By Brad White / Aug 30, 2023

Part 3 of Cybera’s Introduction to Cybersecurity series In our previous blog post, we talked about the importance of cybersecurity in the modern world, and the different kinds of “threats” and “attacks” institutions commonly face. Today, we’ll review how best to understand your operational environment in order to determine your […]