Cybera Logo Policy

Cybera’s logo is a proprietary symbol and an official mark of the organization. It (and other symbols created by the organization) may only be used by individuals who are members of the association, or by external organizations authorized by the association for the purposes outlined in the policy set out below.

Style Guide

Cybera follows the style guidelines of the Canadian Press Stylebook and Caps and Spelling. These publications are available online.

The logo should be displayed and used according to the following guidelines:

  • A minimum space must be maintained surrounding the logo to separate it from other components of a communications piece. The amount of space depends on the size of the logo. Please contact Cybera if you have any questions.
  • The logo design must always be used on its own; it must not be included as part of another design.
  • Enlarging and reducing the logo must be undertaken using proportional scaling only, in order to maintain the original proportions of the logo.

For inquiries and usage permission, please contact Meagan Hampel, Vice President, External Relations, Cybera.

Acceptable Use

The Cybera official logo may not be used on any commercial product or publication that directly or implicitly conveys that the content is authorized or associated with the organization, without the express written permission of the organization. Members are encouraged to include this logo to identify that they are members of Cybera.

Use of the official Cybera logo is a privilege, not a right. The organization may authorize external organizations and sponsors to use the official logo on promotional materials including posters, pamphlets, t-shirts, websites and reports, to indicate Cybera sponsorship. No other use of the official logo is permitted without the express written permission of Cybera. Please contact the organization for authorization.


All staff and members of Cybera can assume a general use authorization; this authorization extends to consultants acting on behalf of the organization, providing approval is granted in advance of use.

Use in Conjunction with Other Logos

The Cybera logo may be used with other logos when one or more partners are involved in an initiative (for example, a partnership or co-production with a university or organization) or when Cybera is one of several sponsors or supporters of an event.