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Who we are

Cybera is Alberta's not-for-profit organization responsible for driving economic growth through the use of digital technology. Our core role is to oversee the development and operations of Alberta’s cyberinfrastructure – the advanced system of networks and computers that keep government, educators, not-for-profits, and entrepreneurs at the forefront of technological change.

What We Do

Operate Alberta's R&E network, and support improved internet services for the public sector.

Build and collaborate on shared resources for the education sector.

Provide free cloud computing resources to Alberta innovators.

Offer data science training to Canadian educators, and consultations to Alberta businesses.

Advocate for more accessible AND more affordable internet for all Canadians.

Build cybersecurity services, and collaborate on new security platforms.


“Higher Education loves Cybera! Thank you for always being such a willing collaborator in our college projects and initiatives. The future is bright thanks to not-for-profits like Cybera.”

— Cybera Member

“There are some good minds [at Cybera]. They pulled together the right people. They’re connected to the community. They don’t alienate partners. Once they work with someone, people like to come back, because there’s a win. It’s a testament to [the] leaders they have.”

— Cybera Member

“Cybera’s ShareIT service has accomplished a great deal for our community. It has not only reduced IT hardware and software costs, but also brought together education administrators and vendors to learn from each other.”

— Roy Daykin, CFO, SAIT

“The impact [Internet Buying Group] has had on our organization cannot be understated – the money we have saved has enabled us to greatly increase the internet level and quality in our classrooms. This means students can connect and learn more from the myriad of educational tools that are available online.”

— Kevin Dyck, Manager of Information Services, Canadian Rockies Public Schools

“We think the [Data Science] Fellowship is a fantastic program. The Cybera fellows [are] on the leading edge of applying these skills in a market that has never seen this type of innovation before. It feels like it’s 1995, when people were starting to realize the potential with the personal computer and the internet!”

— Ryan Bencic, Co-Founder, PainWroth

“What’s great about Cybera is that they are helping to accelerate companies like mine. We couldn’t afford to pay someone to do this [data science] work, and this process of getting going has been really important to us. And we’re ready to learn more! After this summer, we’ll be in a much better position to compete with the bigger products.”

— Ryan Mracek, Founder, Keylo


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