Alberta ShareIT Program

The Alberta ShareIT Program is a shared IT procurement and collaboration program managed by Cybera. It leverages economies of scope and scale to give members access to IT hardware, software, and services that are:

  • Broader
  • More powerful
  • More cost-effective

The program also offers valuable knowledge transfer, skill-building, and cybersecurity opportunities.

ShareIT offers its members IT hardware, software, licensing, and services all at a lower cost.

ShareIT offers various professional development & training opportunities throughout the year

Alberta’s 26 post-secondary institutions are collectively sharing information and strategies to enhance security and privacy.

Alberta's post-secondary institutions are working together to provide leadership in technology solutions, share best practices, and to enable efficiencies and strategic benefits.

Shareit News

2023 /2024 ShareIT Quarterly Updates
Q1 Update

2022 / 2023 ShareIT Quarterly Updates
Q1 Update
Q2 Update
Q3 Update
Q4 Update

2023/2024 Shared Procurement Roadmap

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