Data Science Industry Fellowships

The Data Science for Albertans Industry Fellowship has concluded. Please visit the
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Connecting emerging data scientists to local businesses

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Date Science for Albertans Fellowships help small-to-medium sized businesses and startups who are looking to adopt data science practices with emerging data scientists looking for in-the-field experience.

How does it work?

Over the course of six weeks, Cybera pairs a local company with a team of 3-4 emerging data scientists (Fellows). These early-career data scientists will work with data science mentors from Cybera to develop a data product prototype for that company.

The fellowship program provides budding data scientists the opportunity to tackle a real-world problem, while de-risking data science adoption for the industry partner.

The aspiring data scientists will be provided with funding (a stipend) to participate in the program, and will also receive professional development and networking opportunities.

There is no financial cost for companies to participate, however, there is an expectation that an individual from the participating company will be available throughout the project to act as a subject matter expert for their team of data scientists.


Participation & Eligibility

Data Science Fellow Eligibility
  • Students (undergraduate or graduate) or post-doctoral fellows looking to enter the data science industry.
  • Individuals looking to re-skill or up-skill.
  • Individuals with strong foundational skills in data science, math & statistics or computer programming.
  • Individuals looking for data science industry experience.
  • Applicants must be available full-time for the period of the Fellowship.
Industry Partner Eligibility
  • Entrepreneurs, startups or small to medium-sized companies looking to start their first data science project.
  • Based in Alberta.
  • Have a data science challenge and lack in-house data science capacity.
  • Have or can acquire data to address the data science project or challenge.
  • Applicants must be available part-time for the period of the Fellowship.

Data Science Fellowships Case Study: PainWorth

PainWorth is a Edmonton-based start-up that helps plaintiffs save money by automating injury settlements and predicting court case outcomes for “pain and suffering” (general damages). Through the 2019 fellowship program, Cybera helped PainWorth use machine learning techniques to identify more relevant cases, reduce noise from case searches, and cluster common injuries (e.g. whiplash, back pain, trouble sleeping after a vehicle collision). Following the fellowship, PainWorth entered into beta testing, was featured in Startup Edmontons 2020 Launch Party, and recently acquired California legal-tech startup ProSe Claims as it looks to enter the US market.

Click here to learn more about PainWorth's Participation in the 2019 Data Science Fellowship program.

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