Data science uses a scientific approach to analyze data stemming from a variety of sources to extract insights. Cybera is encouraging the learning and adoption of data science approaches across Alberta and Canada.

Data Science for Albertans

Cybera offers a free data science training and consultation program to Alberta entrepreneurs and small-to-medium sized businesses.


Cybera is bringing computational thinking (including coding and data analysis skills) into Canadian classrooms using Callysto, a free, open-source online learning tool.

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Data Science for Albertans fellowship

The 2021 Data Science for Albertans Fellowship, running from July 19 - August 27, will provide support for small-to-medium sized businesses and startups who are looking to adopt data science and machine learning practices. They will be paired with emerging data scientists who are looking for in-the-field experience.

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Bridging the connectivity challenge - hackathon

Cybera and ISAIC (Industry Sandbox and Artificial Intelligence Computing) are hosting a data science hackathon on Alberta's internet access gaps. Participants will assess how rural connectivity is impacting the quality of life, economic diversification, and education across the province.

Jupyter ‘All-in-One’ Science Platform

Jupyter incorporates math, science and engineering tools, along with data visualization resources, in one web-based platform. Cybera and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences are increasing awareness of, and access to, this tool.

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