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Cybera has signed an agreement with ESTI Consulting Services for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

ESTI Consulting Services


Signed in April 2022, Cybera has a three-year contract with ESTI for virtual desktop infrastructure. This contract is open to all ShareIT members.

Available Services

ESTI provides options for members to provision Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for their staff and students.

There are three main types of VDI under this agreement:

1. On-Prem VDI: ESTI provides the hardware, software and (if required) the services to provision and support VDI in a data centre or co-location facility used by the ShareIT member. This may include integration with existing infrastructure, including network, backup, Active Directory and related technologies.

2. Cloud VDI: ESTI offers VDI infrastructure for members, delivered using a cloud model. In particular, ESTI provides all hosting, services and support of this service and charges ShareIT members based on actual usage.

3. Hybrid VDI: A combination of On-Prem and Cloud VDI, Hybrid allows ShareIT members to have a base of on-prem hardware and expand to the cloud as needed for any reason including capability (e.g. GPU) or capacity.

Additionally, ESTI offers high-level IT Infrastructure architectural assessments to Share-IT members to begin their VDI journey.


Founded in 1989, ESTI has been building on the same management group for over 30 years. ESTI began with offering professional services and software development, but now offers industry specific professional services, custom application and database development, integration services, data migration services a full complement of infrastructure services including physical, virtual and cloud based.

(ShareIT members only)

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