Membership structure

Decide which type of membership is right for your organization

Cybera has two types of membership, which offer different levels of commitment and different services.

Types of membership

Class A members are typically post-secondary institutions with a significant research mandate who invest in Cybera to link to Alberta’s advanced internet and research networks across Canada and around the world. These members are involved in setting the direction for Cybera as voting members at the Annual General Meeting.

Class B members subscribe to and make use of the digital services offered by Cybera. Most post-secondary institutions, school boards, not-for-profit organizations and pre-commercial enterprises are Class B members. These members may choose to use some, or all, of Cybera’s services. This level of membership is intended to be as inclusive as possible for organizations that could benefit from using Alberta’s advanced research network, and its above-the-network services and pilot projects.

Membership fees

Cybera’s membership structure offers a range of options to meet the different needs of its member organizations.

Type of Membership

Type of Organization

Annual Membership Fees

Class A

Post-secondary institutions with a significant research focus


Class B

Organizations that are connected to CyberaNet with 500 or more FTE students or employees

$3,500 plus $0.50 per student/employee (whichever is greater) to a maximum of $20,000*

Organizations that are connected to CyberaNet with fewer than 500 FTE students or employees

$1,000 plus $0.50 per student or employee (whichever is greater)*

Non-connected organizations


* For municipality members the fees may vary. Please contact Cybera’s membership team for more details.

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