Women in the Post COVID Tech Ecosystem

November 26, 2020, 3:50pm - 4:40pm MST


Kylie Woods - Founder, Chic Geek
Lindsay Sill - COO & Interim ED, Quantum Algorithms Institute 
Helen Wetherley Knight - Principal, Chief Information Officer, Helen Knight Consulting 
Ravina Anand - COO & Founder, FLIK

Barriers for women in the technology sector is not a new issue, from pay inequity to faster drop off rates, it is clear that work still needs to be done to build more inclusivity in the tech sector. Many ecosystems started to see progress until the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. This led to a significant number of women putting their tech talent and careers on hold to navigate these unprecedented times. 

In this panel discussion we will discuss what new barriers stand in the way of women in tech, how organizations and leaders can adopt a more inclusive approach, and how individually we can support inclusive change and empowerment to ensure our tech community thrives.