Cybera Security Nexus

Advice and resources to help organizations assess, prioritize, and address their cybersecurity and policy gaps.

The Cybera Security Nexus provides access to:

  1. An industry recognized IT security assessment framework
  2. A CISO-level cybersecurity expert
  3. A foundational set of digital security policies, standards, procedures, guidelines and baselines

The Nexus also facilitates a shared community for cybersecurity training, workshops and seminars.

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What does the Cybera Security Nexus offer?

  • Information security program leadership and expert guidance
  • Risk based Information Security policies, standards, procedures, guidelines and baseline templates, including leadership and faculty/staff engagement
  • A foundational IT risk management framework and process with a Risk Register
  • IT environment and/or operational assessment guidance and advice
  • Information Security awareness program development
  • Design, build and monitoring of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and its related activities
  • Guidance for establishing a Security Incident Response Team
  • Security Architecture
  • Opportunity to participate in the steering committee, to set the goals and direction of the service

Cost to Join

Membership tiers FLE Cybersecurity assessment Information Security Management System Add-on CISO hours
XS 1 - 999 $500 / yr $3,100 / yr On demand
Small 1,000 - 1,999 $1,300 / yr $4,700 / yr On demand
Medium 2,000 - 7,999 $4,500 / yr $7,500 / yr On demand
Large 8,000 - 29,999 $7,000 / yr $17,000 / yr On demand
XL 30,000 and above $11,000 / yr $25,000 / yr On demand

ciso consulting bundles

CISO Consulting Hours are available under the Cybera Security Nexus either as pre-purchased bundles or as individual hours.

Available subscriptions Included hours Suggested use of the hours
3 96 hrs One (1) day per month of CISO consulting
6 32 hrs Four (4) full day sessions (or divided into 1/2 day sessions)
14 16 hrs Four (4) 1/2 day sessions

Consulting hours' availability are limited, and are provided on a first come, first served basis. There are also a limited number of reservable bundles and a separate pool of ad-hoc hours available.

Contact us to reserve bundles or check on availability.

How To Join

  1. This service is available to Cybera members in Alberta's public sector (check if your organization is a Cybera member).
    1. For the assessment, post-secondary institutions participating in the CANARIE-funded Cybersecurity Initiatives Program are encouraged to take part in the National Cybersecurity Assessment service.
  2. Contact our projects team at to find out more about joining the Cybera Security Nexus Program.

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