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The Applied Data Science Lab for Economic Development gives Alberta organizations access to data science expertise. If you are a startup, small-to-medium sized enterprise, or a not-for-profit, this program will allow you to start leveraging data science methodologies to improve efficiencies and productivity in a low-risk and low-investment environment - companies will own all intellectual property developed as part of the program.

Over a period of two to six months, your organization will be paired with a team of aspiring data scientists to tackle your data problem. You will then be provided with a development plan and the tools and resources to continue your data-driven project.

The Lab offers two programs, based on your organization’s stage of data science adoption and maturity:

Breadth Program

Projects in the breadth program will focus on the “discovery” to “experiment” phase of your Data Science evolution pathway. Your organization will gain understanding of what data you have, how to organize your data, and where potential business opportunities exist  based on what you have available. 

The end goal is for companies to develop their first, or multiple, proof-of-concept data projects as the organization emerges into the “experiment” stage of the journey. 

This service operates over a two-month timeline.

Depth Program

Projects in the depth program take a deeper dive into the “discovery”, “experiment”, and “implement” stages of your data science journey.

Data science interns will work with your organization to validate business ideas and build understanding of the full lifecycle of a data science project, which you can then use to replicate for future projects.

This service operates over a six-month timeline, providing companies with tangible outcomes to validate your data driven business ideas.


Next steps

Following their participation in the Applied Data Science Lab for Economic Development, organizations will also have the opportunity to recruit and onboard the emerging data scientists who worked on their project.

Cybera’s experts will also be available for follow-up consultations as your organization continues its data science journey. 

If your organization is interested in applying, but would like more information first, please email

Based on previous program offerings, only a limited number of emerging data scientists will be able to participate in the program. Participating emerging data scientists will be selected based on a competitive process, with those not selected being offered opportunities to apply to future program cohorts, and skills assessment and networking opportunities.

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