Learning and sharing in a flexible, collaborative and interactive way

Jupyter is an integrative application that incorporates math, science and engineering tools, along with communication and visualization resources, in one web-based platform. Simply put: It enables a broad suite of computing capabilities on any device that has an internet connection. For free.

Cybera and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) have teamed up to increase access to, and awareness of, Jupyter. Cybera is hosting the platform on its Rapid Access Cloud, and is offering free access (and advice on how to get started) to Canada’s public and innovation sectors.

Who Is Jupyter Useful For?

  • Teachers
    • Create “interactive textbooks” that allow students to actively work on math or data science problems.
  • Students
    • Learn and practice multiple programming languages, and log experiments, all in one place.
  • Researchers and Academics
    • Share scientific results and stories in a reproducible and easy to understand manner.
  • Data Scientists
    • Access readily deployed data science tools, and share your thought process, analysis, and code, all in one place.
  • Innovators
    • Create an online “lab book” to collaborate on projects, and communicate results to investors and stakeholders.

Use Cases

Getting Started

Jupyter is freely available to any Canadians who want to trial it to see what it can do. Anyone with a Google account can access the tool.

For further information, contact our Data Science team.

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