What makes Cybera different?

Cybera's work is not only benefiting Albertans, but also Canadians as a whole.
We believe that digital technology should be used for the greater good of society. Our not-for-profit status means we are solutions oriented, not profit oriented.

Cybera's development of technologies, strategies, policies, and procedures is led not only by the needs of our members, but also those of our wider community.

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Our values

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Thought leadership

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Who works at Cybera

People who are:

  • Smart
  • Funny
  • Enthusiastic about problem solving and supporting their communities
  • Independent thinkers
  • Advocates for technology and digital innovation
  • Collaborators
  • Comfortable with iterative processes - we’re always trying to improve

Cyberans work hard, but we have a lot of fun doing it!

Our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion

Cybera benefits from diverse experiences, viewpoints and backgrounds. Our member organizations represent a wide variety of sectors, regions, people and professions, and we are committed to employing a workforce that fully represents that diversity. We seek meaningful collaborations with all Albertans, including rural, remote, and First Nations communities.

We are also mindful of our history, and the often negative and intrusive impact digital technologies have had on lower income and other marginalized groups. We are therefore actively working to make Alberta’s digital technology landscape fair and equitable, and one that offers social and economic opportunities for all who live here.

We aim to be courageous in our convictions, and lead through action.