Peering and Internet Buying Group

Peering Service

Traffic to major sites such as Google, YouTube and Facebook accounts for, on average, 50% of an organization's commercial internet use. Cybera’s Peering service offers a direct link to these and other popular sites, improving efficiencies in internet traffic.

Benefits of Peering

  • Lowered internet costs for those connected, particularly when combined with the Internet Buying Group.
  • Web content loads faster, even during peak times
  • Unmetered access, with no bandwidth limitations.

Content Providers We Peer With

Altopia ( and
Cisco WebEx

YYCIX (Connected Members)

Peering Service Administrative Fee

This fee is based on the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) students or employees within the organization:

Less than 1,000 FTE $50/month
1,001 - 10,000 FTE $100/month
More than 10,000 FTE $500/month

Internet Buying Group

By pooling members’ internet traffic, Cybera negotiates a bulk bandwidth rate from a commercial Internet Service Provider to provide members with high-speed internet services at a reduced cost.

Member Benefits

  • Members are only charged a metered ($/Mbps) rate for the Internet Buying Group’s transit internet. Peering service traffic (which is automatically included in the Internet Buying Group) is unmetered and charged separately under one flat administrative fee.
  • Free IPv6 internet traffic (network permitting).
  • Members have reported dramatic cost savings.
  • It is a month-to-month service, with no long-term contract or commitment.

The Cost

All members of the Internet Buying Group pay the same monthly rate for their share of the bandwidth purchased from the Internet Service Provider: $1.30 per Mbps (as of July 1, 2020).*

*Note: Internet Buying Group members are also subject to the Peering Service administrative fee

Requirements to Join

The Peering Service and Internet Buying Group are only available to educational and not-for-profit organizations in Alberta that are members of Cybera.

CyberaNet Login for Members

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