Public preview of SkillUp to continue through 2024

Cybera is thrilled to announce that its SkillUp web platform — which helps Albertans match their skills and experience with the most sought-after jobs, and find opportunities to learn in-demand skills — will remain publicly available for the entirety of 2024. Thanks to funding support from the Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Trade, SkillUp will continue to provide an incredibly detailed (and up-to-date) labour market overview and interactive career planner for all Albertans.

Built by Cybera (Alberta’s not-for-profit research and education network organization), SkillUp uses current job ad data to help Albertans match their experience and interest with the most sought-after roles, and learn what skills are in highest demand. It is geared towards both high school students, as well as experienced workers looking to transition jobs.

“Our team has spent the past five years developing this tool, which is now in public preview, and is already providing vital labour market information for Albertans who are planning their next, or first, career,” says Barb Carra, Cybera’s President and CEO.

Student using Skill Up platform on a laptop outside

“We couldn’t have done this without the initial support from the Ministry of Advanced Education, and we are grateful for this continued funding from Jobs, Economy and Trade. Our goal over the next year is to iterate on SkillUp’s career planning tools, and work with the Alberta Post-Secondary Network community to launch a platform that will help Albertans find the right education pathways to take them to their desired career.”

“As Alberta’s economy continues to grow and diversify, it is crucial for our workforce to have the necessary data to understand the labour market and make career decisions. Our government is proud to support initiatives like SkillUp, which is helping to do just that. We look forward to seeing the positive impacts this platform will have on workers across the province.”

Matt Jones, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade

“Cybera has developed a wonderful new way for Albertans to map out their goals for higher education and future careers – all powered by data from the labour market and programs offered at our post-secondaries. We’re pleased to have supported Cybera as they built this helpful platform that connects people with resources to build an exciting future.”

Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Advanced Education

Seeking feedback during the extended public preview

All Albertans (including education providers) are invited to access SkillUp and provide feedback to Cybera. These insights will help shape the tool and prepare it for a full public launch in 2025.

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Seed funded by the Advanced Education, SkillUp allows users to plan their career development based on their interests and experience — mapped against market demand. It will also build out a catalogue of potential education routes users can follow to obtain sought-after skills.

The goal of the platform is to overcome some of the biggest challenges facing Alberta’s labour ecosystem today:

  • Current and future job seekers struggle to know what skills they should develop to be more employable.
  • Educators struggle to stay up to date on where the workforce gaps are.
  • Learners struggle to find the right education programs to effectively acquire in-demand skills.