Rapid Access Cloud user profile: PinterEC explores remote video capture

Periodically, we like to chat with one of Cybera’s Rapid Access Cloud users, to find out what fun and innovative projects they’re exploring on our cloud.

In this post, we talked to Chris Pinter, CEO of PinterEC Technology Projects, a research and development firm that works with companies to build high tech solutions.

Pinter is a serial tech entrepreneur with a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering and a master of management in innovation and entrepreneurship. He started PinterEC in 2004 to advise others on their own journey to developing and launching a high-tech business.

His company also invests in new research and development projects that look to expand the understanding of AI, remote Internet of Things (IOT), and cloud computing technologies. It also offers growth and finance support.

“We like to focus on the more challenging technologies, and not just build websites or apps,” says Pinter. “Since 2016, we’ve mostly focused on R&D, and have been looking at a lot of AI opportunities.”

Use of the cloud

PintertEC has been making use of Cybera’s free Rapid Access Cloud since 2018. Most recently, the company has been making use of Cybera’s GPU resources as part of a video capture project.

“We’ve been working on technology to capture video in nature,” says Pinter. “We were struggling to implement the technology remotely, and the computers we have on site don’t have strong GPUs. So it was taking the system over 15 minutes to process each video.”

“Being able to use the cloud servers has helped us reduce the processing time and cut down on the latency problems. The Rapid Access Cloud has been very useful for us in this regard.”

Since Covid began, Pinter also says his team has become more diversified, as remote work has allowed him to hire workers from across Canada. Having a reliable cloud infrastructure to conduct R&D has therefore become that much more crucial.

Passing on what they’ve learned

Pinter has a wealth of experience in building technology.

“When you develop new technology and want to launch a business, many technical and business risks need to be considered and overcome,” he says. “Often, our clients see the dream but overlook the risks. Part of what we do is to guide new clients through the process of defining a minimum viable product and holding that definition for some time. New features are always welcome, but the timing of its implementation needs to be managed. Failure to manage feature implementation results in ‘scope creep’. New features introduced into development in an uncontrolled manner can have a serious impact on the overall project risk.”

To help budding entrepreneurs better understand how to define their requirements, PintertEC is launching a three-day workshop that will outline the process of defining the project based on market demand.

“The goal is to save people time and, especially, money,” says Pinter. “Over my 20-year career, I have developed a pretty good ability to identify risk, and I want to help others avoid it as much as possible in their new endeavours.”

PinterEC has created a waitlist for people interested in joining the workshop, which Pinter hopes to launch nationwide in early 2022.

For more information about this workshop, visit PinterEC’s website.

For more information on the Rapid Access Cloud and how to sign-up for a free account, visit Cybera’s cloud page.