Federated Identity Management

Helping organizations share online tools quickly and efficiently!

Cybera is working with educators to adopt technologies that make it easier for staff and students to collaborate on research projects, and access shared services, through a single sign-on solution called Federated Identity Management. This technology allows members at participating institutions in Canada to access a central catalogue of services and resources, without having to enter their login credentials multiple times.

shared cloudWhat does Federated Identity provide?

  • Reduced administration costs (through sharing account management processes).
  • Increased security and lowered risk of exposing student information across multiple systems.
  • Easy access to shared services offered by partner institutions, increasing the number of services organizations can offer.

federated identity participants

What services work with Federated Identity?

  • Cybera’s Rapid Access Cloud. Users can automatically log in to their account and access data storage and processing resources over their computer.
  • See the full list of service providers available through the Canadian Access Federation (the national program that delivers Federated Single Sign On and eduroam services).

Class smallWhat can Cybera do for you?

Post-Secondary Institutions:
Cybera can provide technical assistance to members looking to connect to the Canadian Access Federation.

K-12 School Authorities:
Cybera is currently running an Alberta K-12 Federated Identity Mangement pilot program, called myUnifiED, which will be completed in November 2017. The goal is to develop a framework for such an Identity Federation, and run an initial implementation pilot.