With cybersecurity incidents increasing nationally and globally, collaboration will be key to managing and responding to these threats.

Cybera initiatives

Virtual Firewall Service

A virtual firewall for Alberta schools that does away with the need for physical hardware.

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Shared Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Available to Alberta post-secondary institutions, the shared CISO helps save costs while updating and implementing new security programs.

AB SecureIT

Alberta’s 26 post-secondary institutions are collectively sharing information and strategies to enhance security and privacy.

National Cybersecurity Initiatives Program

Funded by CANARIE, the Cybersecurity Initiatives Program is strengthening the R&E sector with richer threat and vulnerability data, improved processes, and broadened expertise.

These initiatives are delivered through the provincial and territorial partners in Canada’s National Research and Education Network to eligible post-secondary institutions that are connected to the R&E Network.

The first three initiatives available in 2020/2021 include:

D-Zone DNS Firewall

The first made-in-Canada DNS-based firewall solution for educational institutions. CANARIE is funding implementation, support, and training across 200+ eligible organizations. LEARN MORE...

Canadian Shared Security Operations Centre

A specialized cyber security incident and threat detection centre that is focused on the higher education sector. CANARIE is funding participation, support and training across 200+ eligible organizations. LEARN MORE ABOUT CANSSOC...

Intrusion Detection System

Improve member institution's intrusion detection capabilities by providing access to critical knowledge, training, and tools. Funding is available for implementation, support and training for eligible organizations. LEARN MORE...

Other National Security Programs

Security Information and Event Management

All partners in Canada's National Research and Education Network (NREN) are collaborating on a new security platform to coordinate protection of our critical infrastructure.

D-Zone Anycast DNS

Cybera has partnered with CIRA to offer members free access to improved Domain Name System (DNS) protection and performance.


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