ShareIT - Telephony and Hardware Services



Signed in January 2020, Cybera sighed a three-year contract with Netagen (formerly Combat Networks) for telephony services. The contract was extended to January 2025 and was amended to include managed services. This contract is open to all ShareIT members.

Available Services

This agreement offers a wide array of telephony related services, including:

  • Telephony equipment, including a wide range of telephony hardware, software, and licensing for the Mitel, Avaya, and Cisco product lines
  • SIP Trunking: SIP-based services to connect participating Cybera ShareIT post-secondary and K-12 organizations’ telecommunications infrastructure to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).
  • Managed services


Netagen, formerly Combat Networks, is a Canadian network solutions integrator focused on mission-critical networks for public and private organizations where security, performance and reliability are the key to the operating mission. In the classroom, across the campus, and out to the community of remote learners, their networks carry and/or support the message of todays’ lessons to tomorrow’s leaders.

(ShareIT members only)

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