Sharing the results from Cybera’s community outreach

Cybera recently ran a series of focus groups and surveys with our community, to get their input for our 2022-25 Strategic Roadmap.

We are pleased to report the feedback received on Cybera’s services was overwhelmingly positive, with 93% of respondents indicating our services are unique and could not be easily found from other providers.

According to respondents, the areas where Cybera provides the most value are: 1) Reducing costs, 2) Facilitating shared services, and 3) Facilitating reliable digital infrastructure.

When asked about their own organization’s digital infrastructure priorities, respondents listed: 1) Cybersecurity, 2) Cost efficiency, and 3) Connectivity as their top concerns, both now and in the future.

Next steps

We are incorporating this information into Cybera’s 2022-25 Strategic Roadmap, to be announced in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions about the roadmap or the research conducted, contact us at