Bi-Fi: Networking with Nature

April Fools!

However, the lack of accessible internet is no laughing matter.

Cybera would never think of strapping a wifi hotspot to an animal, but we are always thinking about how to improve access to connectivity. As Alberta’s not-for-profit organization responsible for driving economic growth through the use of digital technology, we strive to keep Albertans at the forefront of technological change, but without proper connectivity, many Albertans are falling behind. 

Last week, Cybera co-hosted the first ever Alberta Rural Connectivity Forum, which welcomed over 200 guests from across the province and Canada. Over two days, attendees learned about the challenges and opportunities around connectivity in Alberta, particularly for those in rural, remote, First Nations and Metis Settlements communities. 

The event was hosted by the Alberta Rural Connectivity Coalition (ARCC), who are advocating for universal access to high-speed internet at an affordable price for all Albertans. The newly formed coalition is pushing for multiple levels of government to immediately take steps to provide funding — and other forms of regulatory relief — for telecommunications infrastructure in Alberta’s rural communities. 

We encourage everyone to learn more about the Alberta Rural Connectivity Coalition. Public, not-for-profit, and academic groups, as well as individuals, are also welcome to join the coalition. 

Additionally, on April 5, 2021, Cybera and ISAIC will open registrations for a Rural Connectivity Hackathon. The goal of this event is to use data to assess how rural connectivity impacts the quality of life, economic diversification, and education for rural and remote communities in Alberta.

(And please note: We do not encourage actually putting a wifi hotspot on — or going anywhere near — the beautiful bison of Banff National Park.)

*The images above are intended purely as satire, parody or spoof and as such are not reflective of the creator or Parks Canada’s opinion*.