Cybera’s Applied Data Science program wraps up a busy 2023 with the launch of its third cohort

Cybera’s Applied Data Science Lab team has had a very busy 2023, helping support 10 different organizations with their early adoption of data science and machine learning practices. This is the most companies our data science team has supported in a single year, and is on top of over a dozen workshops and public information sessions we’ve held throughout the province this year.

The Applied Data Science Lab was founded in 2022 with support from Alberta Innovates and Prairies Economic Development (PrairiesCan). The program offers a work-integrated learning program where emerging data scientists are paired with local businesses to help implement a long-term data science / machine learning project.

The Lab also provides pre-implementation consultations for small and medium-sized businesses, to inform them of the benefits of data science and machine learning adoption. 

We kicked off 2023 with the conclusion of the Electron cohort. This cohort saw nine interns paired with two companies. Optical systems consulting company Convenient Business Solutions (CBS) worked with five interns to scale its cloud environments to support new smart cities initiatives. The remaining four interns worked with logistics provider Ziing to help the company leverage its data to improve its route optimization tool.

From May until the end of August, the Applied Data Science Lab ran the Neutron cohort, doubling its previous intake to four companies and 16 interns. This included our first company outside the major metros (Calgary and Edmonton): Matrix by Synergyne, which is based in Canmore. Matrix platform supports individuals facing fertility challenges by using proprietary algorithms and specialized technologies to help clinicians assess the likelihood of a successful embryo transfer. 

Other companies from this cohort included an advertising company that specializes in digital signage in elevators and lobbies, and a material testing organization that focuses on predicting the maintenance and lifespan for items like concrete, soils, and asphalt.

Towards the end of the year, the Applied Data Science Lab launched its third cohort, called Proton. Currently running, this cohort involves 14 interns working with four companies:

  • VinoAI: an Edmonton-based company that offers a mobile wine recommender app based on the user’s preferences. Our interns are helping VinoAI improve its use of data to support better wine recommendations.
  • Kinetisense: a Medicine Hat-based 3D motion capture company whose software is used by clinical professionals, pro sports teams, senior living providers, military departments, and workplace wellness providers. The data science interns are leveraging over 1 million human motion capture datasets to streamline the diagnostics process of joint and muscle issues, enabling practitioners to make better and faster treatment decisions and plans.
  • Libellum: a Calgary-based software application company that streamlines the accreditation process for post-secondary institutions. Primarily focusing on engineering programs, the organization is working to enhance its overall insights into the datasets it has collected, in order to improve the efficiency of evaluating programs and courses.
  • Genesis Data Solutions: an Edmonton-based data company that helps industrial operations, such as in oil and gas, reduce materials and corrosion issues while improving operational efficiency. Its proactive corrosion loop development tool helps lower engineering man-hours and reduce GHG emissions. The project’s goal is to improve its data preparation and optimize its AI modeling capabilities.

Over the course of these three internships, the Applied Data Science Lab team received over 500 applications for 40 available internship positions, and a significant number of organization inquiries, surpassing the 10 available company spots in the program.

As we enter 2024, our team is working to evolve this program to continue addressing the data science needs of the broader community in Alberta.

If you are interested in participating either as an intern or as an organization partner, please visit our website and fill out the application form for 2024/25.