Cybera’s Introduction to Cybersecurity Series

Part 1 – Introduction

For cybersecurity to be effective within any organization, it needs to be addressed as a continual lifecycle. Every day, new attacks are developed, so existing methods to repel them must be refined and improved.

Why is cybersecurity important?

Cybersecurity matters to everyone, from governments and large corporations, to small businesses, individual employees, and even individuals at home.

We live in a world of unprecedented connectedness. Every year, we see more devices connect to the internet. At the same time, nearly every aspect of our lives is tracked electronically. This includes our health records, financial information, energy consumption, what we wear, when we get home, where we travel and when, etc.

Added to this is the exploding number of unmanaged and unprotected Internet of Things (IoT) devices in use, greatly increasing the attack landscape for cybercriminals.

In this blog series, we’re focusing on cybersecurity basics, particularly for smaller organizations. This includes what you need to know, and where to begin. Our goal is to demystify the terms that may be new to business or even technical leaders, and give you a better idea of where your organization’s biggest risks are. 

Cybersecurity terms and definitions

To start, we recommend that the technical, business, and leadership teams overseeing an organization’s operations get familiar with the different cybersecurity concepts. Rather than duplicating and maintaining a separate list of cybersecurity terms and definitions here, we recommend you check out the National Institute of Standards and Technologies’ (NIST) Computer Security Resource Center glossary.

You can use this as a reference for the terms and concepts we explore in this series of cybersecurity articles.

What’s next?

In upcoming articles, we’ll dive further into these cybersecurity concepts, and discuss how understanding what you know and don’t know can help focus your efforts around cybersecurity risks (and how you can start building that high-level knowledge).

Cybera’s Introduction to Cybersecurity Series

  • Introduction
  • What is cybersecurity?
  • Step one of building cybersecurity: What do you know? 
  • Step two of building cybersecurity: What threats do you face?
  • Step three of building cybersecurity: Threat vs Attacks
  • Step four of building cybersecurity: Identifying your risks
  • Step five of building cybersecurity: Implementing the CIA triad to combat risks

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