Introducing our 2022-25 strategy

As part of our commitment to stay nimble and responsive to the needs of Alberta’s public and education sectors, Cybera has launched a new three-year strategic roadmap that includes a greater emphasis on collaboration and skills development. These new focus areas will complement Cybera’s existing network, security, and advocacy initiatives that members have come to depend on.

“The past three years of social and economic disruptions have put a major strain on Alberta’s public, education, and research institutions,” says Barb Carra, President and CEO of Cybera. “This has not only impacted operations — as organizations moved to facilitate remote working and learning, often on reduced budgets — but also workplace culture and staff retention.”

“With this new roadmap, we wanted to be responsive to the evolving priorities of our members, while continuing to provide the vital network links and security services that keep Alberta innovators connected to the world.”

Cybera’s 2022-25 Strategic Roadmap also includes new “moonshot” targets for Alberta, including goals to have every resident connected to high speed internet, make access to security services more equitable for all member organizations (big and small), and set the province on the path to one day lead Canada’s digital economy.

To accomplish this, Cybera has outlined plans to expand the reach of its R&E network and scope of its shared procurement and training services, to cover more groups and sectors. Cybera will also look to explore new collaborative projects with organizations in our community — including charities and non-profits — as well as increase digital training opportunities for all Albertans.

“Following months of community engagements over the past year, it became evident there is a growing need in the province not only for more cybersecurity and networking resources, but also more community-led collaborative services, as well as help with finding (and retaining) core technical staff,” says Cybera Board Chair Dr. Mike MacGregor. 

“With this in mind, Cybera has created an ambitious plan to tackle the changing needs of Alberta’s public and education sector. The Board is excited to work with our community to accomplish the goals laid out in Cybera’s 2022-2025 Strategic Roadmap.”

In the coming months, Cybera will begin visiting member communities across the province to discuss next steps, and how member organizations can get involved with existing and upcoming initiatives. For more information, contact