Cybera Security Nexus will help Alberta institutions plug their security gaps

As part of its new cybersecurity services for Alberta’s research, education, and public sectors, Cybera is pleased to launch the Cybera Security Nexus. This platform provides expertise and resources to help organizations assess, prioritize, and address their cybersecurity and policy gaps.

The Nexus offers access to: 

  1. An industry recognized IT security assessment framework (available to all members, although post-secondary institutions participating in CIP are encouraged to take part in the National Cybersecurity Assessment service launching later this year)
  2. A CISO-level cybersecurity expert
  3. A foundational set of digital security policies, standards, procedures, guidelines and baselines 

The Nexus also facilitates a shared community for cybersecurity training, workshops, and seminars. It is available to any Cybera member in Alberta’s public and education sectors.

“Our district completed assessments in the past on a smaller scale for cybersecurity insurance purposes, which involved questions that were often quite vague, and left a lot of room for interpretation. This often would result in a final report that lacked detailed advice. But the assessment we completed as part of the Cybera Security Nexus pilot resulted in a crystal clear report that specifically outlined the areas that needed improving. We now have a good understanding of what areas to focus on and how to prioritize them. I believe it would be quite valuable for more districts to participate in the Nexus, as the outputs would help identify common challenges across the province or even country. It also creates an opportunity for districts to share how they addressed these issues and create a community in which best practices could emerge.”

– John Schutte, Director, Information Technology, Calgary Catholic School District

To find out more and register for any of Cybera’s new security offerings, including the Cybera Security Nexus, please complete our Expression of Interest.

PLEASE NOTE: To be included in the next cohort of IT assessments, the deadline to register is June 17, 2022.

For general questions about Cybera’s security services, contact Cybera’s project team at or visit

To find out more about national higher education security services available through CANARIE’s Cybersecurity Initiatives Program, visit CANARIE’s website.