Reflections on Learning Management Cloud

By Admin / Oct 7, 2016

On June 1 2016, Cybera officially transferred the operations of the Learning Management Cloud (LMC) to the University of Alberta. This was a bittersweet moment for us. We were sad to say goodbye to something that we had grown and developed since its inception in 2012. In a way, it […]

New reports from Cybera give the low-down on Alberta’s networking capabilities

By Admin / Oct 6, 2016

Where are all the fibre networks in Alberta? How many free WiFi spots do we have access to in the province? And how soon until we see internet delivered by drones? After a year of researching, Cybera has unveiled a comprehensive update to the networking chapter of its 2014 State of Alberta Digital Infrastructure Report. […]

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Canada’s Internet Performance: What the Numbers Show

By Admin / Oct 4, 2016

By the Cybera Data Science Team Introduction To an ever increasing degree, participation in the economy and society at large is mediated by the internet. If people don’t have good internet access, they feel disenfranchised. Currently in Canada, there are many, many people who feel disenfranchised. For several years now, […]

Cybera recognized for its support of gender diversity in IT

By Admin / Sep 30, 2016

This week, Cybera’s Vice President of Policy and Strategic Initiatives, Barb Carra, was pleased to represent Cybera as it accepted the inaugural KNOVO Award of Distinction for corporate gender diversity. Cybera was one of 11 organizations honoured at the awards ceremony, which was held on Tuesday in Calgary’s Jubilee Auditorium. […]

Alberta Educator’s First Major Shared Service Passes the Test

By Admin / Sep 15, 2016

When over 53,000 students at three of Alberta’s post-secondary institutions went online this month to register for courses and communicate with their teachers, it was under the watchful eye of the University of Alberta’s IT staff. The institution has successfully transferred the operations of one of Alberta’s first educational shared […]

That Escalated Quickly

By Admin / Sep 13, 2016

One of Cybera’s newest projects involves creating a pilot Identity Federation for Alberta K-12 School Authorities. This Identity Federation, known as MyUnifiED, will give participating school staff and students the ability to log into different web services using their school’s login account — they no longer need to have a […]

Area51 Declassified

By Admin / Sep 8, 2016

Welcome to the Rapid Access Cloud Experimental Region NOTE: The Area51 cloud region was decommissioned in 2018 Cybera’s Rapid Access Cloud provides a stable and reliable platform for non-production, demonstrative, or development purposes, using tried and well-tested OpenStack services like OpenStack Compute (nova) and OpenStack Object Storage (swift). Introducing new […]

Municipalities “to the right of the dot”. Imagine the new opportunities!

By Admin / Aug 30, 2016

By Richard Schreier, Project Manager​, Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) Until recently, there was not a lot of choice in what domain name came after the dot in your web address. Traditionally, .CA or .COM were two of about 250 top-level domains (or TLDs in domain industry jargon) available, most of which […]

Online privacy and security — whose responsibility?

By Admin / Aug 23, 2016

Early in the Pokemon Go craze, several articles warned that the game’s Terms & Conditions offered poor protection for the private details of those who downloaded the app, as it provided full access to users’ Google accounts. Clearly the majority of players did not read this policy (or care, if […]

Classroom Case Study: Working with NoSQL Databases on the Rapid Access Cloud

By Admin / Aug 8, 2016

By Michael Strobl, PhD Student, University of Alberta A common use of Cybera’s Rapid Access Cloud has been for classroom learning. Instructors from a number of Alberta institutions have used the cloud to run student assignments, teach the basics of cloud computing, or run modern-day analytics. This post highlights one […]

“CY-Fi” brings super-fast Wi-Fi speeds to Calgary’s tech innovators

By Admin / Aug 2, 2016

Visitors accessing the public Wi-Fi at Calgary’s Alastair Ross Technology Centre (ARTC) will now experience some of the fastest internet in Calgary. The ARTC — which offers affordable office space and business advisory services to over 100 local start-ups — has recently connected to Alberta’s Research and Education Network to […]

Alberta’s Public Sector Celebrates Four Years of (More) Affordable Internet

By Admin / Jul 27, 2016

Members of the Alberta Internet Buying Group may have noticed their internet bill was a little lower this month. July 2016 marked the seventh major decrease in the cost of bandwidth for the group, which was reduced from $5.75/Mbps to $5.00/Mbps. This month also marks the fourth anniversary of the Internet Buying Group. To celebrate its […]

How Organizations can use Pokémon Go

By Admin / Jul 19, 2016

Pokémon Go was officially released in Canada this weekend. The game has proven to be great for socializing, giving folks a reason to get out more, and people are even finding their love interests through the game (looks like Tinder has some competition). But the game is also giving headaches […]

Revere to the rescue: Cybera’s new network alerts system

By Admin / Jun 29, 2016

Network outages are never a pleasant experience, but they are even worse when you’re left in the dark and don’t know a) If the problem is on the local network, b) Whether anyone is looking into the problem, or c) What might be causing it. This used to be the […]

Doing Science with Data

By Admin / Jun 23, 2016

As part of Cybera’s mandate to explore new technologies and share our experiences with stakeholders, we are actively looking for new ways to improve our processes and bring value to our research and education community. One of the first projects I worked on when I joined Cybera was our metrics […]