How Organizations can use Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go was officially released in Canada this weekend. The game has proven to be great for socializing, giving folks a reason to get out more, and people are even finding their love interests through the game (looks like Tinder has some competition). But the game is also giving headaches to police, raising safety issues, and its popularity is crashing servers. It seems anyone and everyone is out there saying the same thing: “gotta catch ‘em all!”


Perhaps the most affected by the game are Millenials. Nineties kids have loved Pokémon since 1997, and now, getting to be in Ash Ketchum’s shoes to capture Pokémon, is like re-living that childhood dream. Players have created meetups, with teams across the world. Here in Calgary, it seems every day and night there are meetups across the city made up of Millennials hunting for Pokémon. Other than an awesome augmented reality game, Pokémon Go also seems like an awesome marketing tool. Word on the web is that McDonalds has already partnered with the game. But there are also other ways to make use of Pokémon Go to attract clients or members to your organization, without spending the big bucks.

So what are the best ways to use Pokémon Go for your Marketing Success?


Local businesses can literally drive people to their front door. Lure Modules in the game are used to “lure” Pokémon to specific locations. They’re purchased in the game by players and then applied to local landmarks/businesses, which then become “PokéStops”. If you’re a looking for customers or visitors, you need to set up lures. And why not throw in some free samples on the spot to get them interested?

Target specific teams

Once a player reaches level five on the game and visits their first “gym” to battle, they have to pick a team (yellow, blue, or red). Now this is a serious matter. People have created clubs with thousands of members overnight, and many are showing their pride and loyalty over their similar choices (it’s also great for bonding with strangers). Organizations can easily cater to specific teams, giving them special treatments and encouraging them to come out to their locations. Why not use this to throw in some discounts?

Charging stations

This has worked for businesses who cater to avid mobile device users and now that Pokémon Go is in the picture, this is even more important. Businesses can easily set up a sign outside saying they have phone chargers for Pokémon Go lovers!


Last but not least, show some love. Several companies are already doing this. To win over fans and supporters, show them you love the game just as much. Maybe your organization can offer some location-specific tips, host gym battles or even offer rare Pokémons? There are endless possibilities. This is also the perfect time to use social media to connect with your audience like never before!Now that you know the benefits of Pokémon Go for your company, what are you waiting for? Go Catch ’em all (clients that is).

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