Cyber Summit 2018: Why Attend?

Hands-on learning. Big level thinking. Strategies to apply to your organization.

This stimulating western Canadian technology event will feature:

  • 20+ Unique Breakout Sessions and Panel Discussions
  • 20+ Expert Speakers
  • 180+ Industry Peers
  • 2 Days of concentrated thought leadership
  • 1 Day of hands-on learning
  • Exhibitors and booths from industry leaders

Business and IT professionals come to the Cyber Summit to explore the latest in technology trends and applications that can be leveraged in their organizations. These three days in the Kananskis prove crucial to everyone on the management and operations team — from CIOs and systems administrators, to business development and policy officers, and legal and privacy advisors.

Sessions will cover:

  • Examples (and potential) of technologies/software/platforms that are accessed via a web browser
  • Improving organizational digital literacy / computational thinking
  • Preparing for artificial intelligence and machine learning, at all levels
  • Advancing privacy and security
  • And more…

Pitching the Cyber Summit To Your Employer

Don’t wait – register now to be a part of the premier industry event covering the issues surrounding technology disparities and how they affect different regions, and different sectors. Need to build a business case? Download our helpful “Convince Your Employer” proposal.

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