Cybera continues to drive cost-savings for Alberta’s education sector

Cybera has once again dropped the set rate for bandwidth in its Internet Buying Group, reducing the price from $1.35 to $1.30 per Mbps.

This is the 14th price drop for the bulk buying service since its launch in 2012. Coupled with Cybera’s Peering service, the Internet Buying Group has so far saved members organizations (including post-secondary institutions, K-12 school authorities and other government institutions) nearly $14 million.

The newest bandwidth price decrease is effective July 1, 2020.

“When Cybera created the Internet Buying Group in 2012, our initial bandwidth rate was $14.50 per Mbps, creating a large margin and opportunity for cost-saving improvements,” says Cybera President and CEO Barb Carra.

“Now, with our education sector adapting to reduced budgets, coupled with onboarding new systems to support remote delivery, the need for affordable internet is more important than ever. While we aren’t able to achieve the 20-40% reductions we were making early on due to the competitive power driving down overall prices, we’re still incredibly proud to be bringing down the cost of bandwidth.”

“We know how important every penny is to public IT administrators in this time of fiscal restraint in Alberta, and are happy to offer whatever support we can!”

As well as providing cost savings, the buying group offers other valuable benefits, such as the ability to join Cybera’s shared Virtual Firewall Service, and access to free bandwidth traffic over IPv6.

The Internet Buying Group is set up to be flexible and responsive to members’ needs, allowing them to adjust their bandwidth requirements on a month-to-month basis. This allows educators to stay ahead of the fluctuating demand for internet throughout the year.

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