Pika Federation

Securing student data as they access third-party learning tools

The Pika Federation was developed to address a growing issue for Alberta schools: how to provide students with simple access to third-party learning tools, while ensuring their login data stays secure (and also minimize the setup time for administrators)?

Pika is Alberta's first “federated identity management” solution for K-12 school districts. As well as ensuring a safer login experience for students, the service reduces the hassle for school administrators of connecting new learning apps.

It is now open to Alberta K-12 school authorities to join.


Benefits of the Pika Federation:

  • Simpler User Experience: Students can access multiple learning applications using a single login.
  • Saves Time: Managing student accounts (across separate platforms) can be handled from a single location.
  • Secures Student Privacy: Administrators know exactly what pieces of personal information is being used by each service, and for what purpose. 
  • Connects Seamlessly: As well as working with third-party identity management systems, Pika also works with systems hosted on-premises, without the need to install extra applications.
  • Supports Service Providers: Gives providers a fast and efficient way to reach users, while protecting the users’ private data.

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Services Connected to Pika

  • Adobe
  • Cisco Meraki
  • Cybera's Rapid Access Cloud
  • FreshGrade
  • G Suite for Education
  • Office 365
  • myBlueprint
  • LucidChart
  • Virtual Firewall Service
  • See the full list…

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How To Join

  1. Pika is available to Alberta-based K-12 school authorities.
  2. You must be a Cybera member to connect (check if your organization is already a member).
  3. View next-steps information on the Pika Wiki.
  4. Contact pika@cybera.ca to get started.

Virtual Firewall

Cost to Join

The base fee (as described below) plus $0.50 per student, to a maximum of $20,000 / year

Students** Base Fee Per Student
≤ 1,000 $1,000 $0.50
> 1,001 $3,400 $0.50

* First year discount = 50%
** Student numbers based on official student count from Alberta Education

What Is "Federated Identity Management"?

Federated Identity Management refers to a collaboration of independent organizations who agree to a common set of policies, practices, and protocols to enable users from one organization to seamlessly and securely access shared applications from another organization.

View Cybera's Pika infographic

(Also see the UK National Research & Education Network video tutorial on "Federated Access Management")

“We subscribe to multiple tools and subscription services, which means, for each one, our student data is leaving our record system and being submitted somewhere else.”

“Protecting their privacy has traditionally fallen under my umbrella, which can create a lot of anxiety for me. The beauty of a federation like this is that it handles the authentication, and I know I can trust any service that is allowed in. That means I can enable a new tool for thousands of students with a simple click of a button.”

Ron Eberts, Associate Superintendent, Technology & Information Services, Red Deer Public Schools

Want to find out more? Contact Cybera's Pika team.